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Deleting Documents


Deleting documents can be easily done following these steps:

  1. Click the Tax Documents tab.
  2. Filter the documents either by keyword or date-range to obtain the list of the entries you wish to delete.
  3. If the filter returns more than one page you'll be prompted to select either all pages or just the current page. Select All Pages. You can also select/deselect individual entries by clicking on its corresponding checkbox. Note that you can only select individual entries for the current page.
  4. Click on the Action dropdown button on the top-left corner and select Move to Trash. At this point the documents are moved to the Trash Bin but are not deleted yet.
  5. Click The Trash Tab and select all the documents that you want to permanently delete.
  6. Click on the Action dropdown button and select Permanently Delete Selected.
  7. Click the Delete Button in the warning pop-up.

Remember that this action can't be undone.

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